Introducing Gina's Gelato Latest:

New iced drinks: Iced London Fog, iced matcha, iced espresso latte (served with matching whiskey-sized tea and espresso ice cubes). Plus our newest gelato & sorbetto offerings: Sangria sorbetto, chocolate brownie gelato, Orange Julius with zest gelato, rosé sorbetto, pistachio gelato, matcha gelato, and choose-your-own-adventure gelato sandwiches:

  • Iced London Fog, iced matcha, iced espresso lattes: Each is brewed and chilled to perfection with a london fog, matcha or espresso whiskey-sized ice cube. No dilution. Perfect chill.

    • Iced London Fog latte: We start with local Virtue Tea’s Earl Grey with organic bergamot, steep it with lavender buds, pure vanilla, and a spot of brown sugar. Poured over a whiskey-sized ice cube made of the same thing — no dilution; perfect chill. 
    • Iced Matcha Latte: Again, hailing from Virtue Tea, we use the smoothest matcha known this side of the Kootenays (or we dare we say, any side of the Kootenays), lightly sweeten with raw sugar, and add a dab of pure vanilla. And once again, it’s all poured over a whiskey-sized ice cube made of the same thing — no dilution; perfect chill. 
    • Espresso Latte: Using Madison’s Blackout Espresso roast from Trail Coffee Co., we let the rich roast of this espresso shot and the sweetness of BC milk do the talking here. All poured over an espresso ice cube — that’s right: no dilution; perfect chill. 
  • Sangria sorbetto:The traditional way — a tasty Spanish garnacha is steeped with orange, lemon, and apple, then strained and chilled into this lightly-sweet, super-adult sorbetto.

    Chocolate Brownie: We make brownies and gelato with local chocolate from Viva Cacao  — chocolate upon chocolate in this one!

    Orange Julius with Zest: The classic with a bite. We juice and zest a ton of oranges for this one, add the classic egg and cream, and top it with a little vanilla. A little bite at the end lends a grown-up twist to this 1920s favourite.

    Rosé Sorbetto: Using BC’s own Hester Creek Rosé Cabernet Franc, we add a touch more berry with the sweetness of strawberries and play up the natural tartness with rhubarb.

    Pistachio gelato: We blanch, roast, and grind pistachios (never using any pre-made pastes here!), then strew it with crunch by adding even more roasted pistachios.

    Matcha gelato: The smoothness of local Virtue Tea’s matcha is blended into our handmade gelato to make a sweetly bright addition to our gelati lineup.

    Gelato sandwiches: Pick any flavour and we’ll layer it between two of our chewy chocolate cookies. Presto: a scrumptious gelato sandwich, made-to-order right in front of you.



Gina’s Gelato

Actual page is coming at some point (once Gina — a real person who really makes it all on site — has a day off from roasting & grinding hazelnuts and pistachios).

For now, we’ve got the necessities: a phone number that rings up our 1910 phone (come see it, it really works), hours, and — of course — a location.

Get in contact, get in our door, and get a rare-but-true, entirely from-scratch, traditional-ingredient gelato and sorbetto in your hand. Though we’re told it’s unheard of (and that we’re crazy for not making it easy on ourselves), there are absolutely no pre-made mixes or bases used here.

Yessir & Yes’m, that’s right: We

  • pour the milk
  • zest the citrus
  • crack the eggs
  • make the cones
  • source individual, natural ingredients as locally as possible
  • and all the etc., etc.

We take no shortcuts so we can serve you naturally flavourful, meticulously-made gelato. 

You might say it’s like stepping back into the slow-food era of the early 20th century — and we love it if you do. It’s what we’re aiming for in our art nouveau-deco gelateria.

All of this sounds better than a fancy website, right?
(But yes, it is coming.)

. . .


Summer Hours

Mon-Sun 1-10p


250-352-0695 (click to call)



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