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NEWS! We’ve just woken up from our long winter’s nap (though we’re not sure if mother nature has ;).

We’ve got new hours and a new (to us :) fireplace that Gina refinished and revamped with some upcycled magic. 

We’re in the midst of bakery season at the shop: Gina’s mixing and churning in the kitchen to bring you a rotation of flavours and goodies to go with it. By the by, didja know that Gina makes every single item on the menu herself solo in the kitchen? From old-fashioned scratch? With old-fashioned ingredients? All year round? She takes handmade, all-natural desserts seriously (even wrote a little guide about it).

Swing in, settle into the velvet chairs, and get cozy with a friend (or the guide ;) by the fireplace. We’re serving up vintage tunes & authentically from-scratch goodness.


Gina’s Gelato

Actual page is coming at some point once Gina — a real person who really makes it all on site entirely herself — has a day off from roasting & grinding hazelnuts and snapping up chocolate slabs for cookies. (The sweet server team does help peel pistachios. :)

For now, we’ve got the necessities: a phone number that rings up our 1910 phone (come see it, it really works), hours, and — of course — a location.

Get in contact, get in our door, and get a rare-but-true, entirely from-scratch, traditional-ingredient gelato, sorbetto, and/or dessert delight (no judgement from us if it’s “and”) in your hand.

Though we’re told it’s unheard of (and that we’re crazy for not making it easy on ourselves), there are absolutely no pre-made mixes or bases used here.

Yessir & Yes’m, that’s right: We

  • pour the milk (from BC cows)
  • grind the nuts (no pre-made pastes here)
  • crack the eggs (fresh from Creston)
  • make the cones (hand rolled in our kitchen)
  • source individual, natural ingredients as locally as possible (see some of our local suppliers on the bottom of this page)
  • and all the etc., etc.

We take no shortcuts so we can serve you naturally flavourful, meticulously-made gelato, desserts & delights

We’ve already churned our own butter and ground our own almond flour, but heck, if we could milk the cow, raise the chickens, mill the wheat, and grow the citrus, we’d do that, too.

(It’s going to happen; mark our words. ;)

You might say Gina’s Gelato is like stepping back into the slow-food era of the early 20th century — and we love it if you do. It’s what we’re aiming for in our art nouveau-deco gelateria.

All of this sounds better than a fancy website, right?
(But sure, it’s coming.)

. . .


Welcome to our bakery season!

Please note: Our hours may change as we help our student staff make school a priority.  Stay tuned to our Instagram & TikTok to get the scoop!

W: 2-9p
Th: 2-9p
F: 12-9p
Sa: 12-9p
Su: 12-9p

Closed Monday & Tuesday until the days warm up!


250-352-0695 (click to call)


526 Victoria St. Nelson, BC V1L 4K8

Google map of Nelson with Gina's Gelato address and location pinned on the map

click to expand, find directions, get our hours, see if people even like sweet things (i.e. reviews ;), etc.

We’re hiring for our summer 2024 season – click the button above to find out what it takes to be part of the team!

Say hello to our local friends, producers, and suppliers

We’d love to introduce you to the local producers and suppliers of our ingredients, as well as friends of Gina’s Gelato: